House hunting

We've been house hunting.  Actually, we haven't STOPPED hunting since we moved to McCall in August of 2006.  We have two options sitting on the table.  One house in Carefree.  VERY old farmhouse with a three bay garage.  One house in (?)Rocky Flats (help me out Krystal).  An old cabin.  Very woodsy with a large yard and AMAZING water.  The kind of water you bottle and sell and make sure you take 10 gallons with you whenever you leave the house so you don't have to drink anyone elses water.
 Rocky Flats 

Both have the lease with option to buy and one is considerably less money but huge up front commitment.  I'll get pictures tomorrow to post.

We're hunkering down for a real big economic slide so we are minimizing all costs.  We'll save about $500 month moving out of our adorable house.  But we have to make room for a car payment, which we haven't had for 2 years.  Sequoia baby!!!


Nead Family said...

Nikki--can't wait to see the pics! Which one are you leaning towards? A Sequoia would be soooo awesome. That will be my car in 10 years when the kids aren't little and we can look "cool" again. Less than 2 yrs. left to pay on van; then I gotta put in 5 yrs. with no payments. I love the house you're in now, but change is always exciting! Happy Sabbath!
Love, Sum

Leonard Gang said...

Okay Nichole~

Is Ned on board this time??? :)

Oh, my kids love your kids!
I hope you are feeling better! Let me know what I can do to help!

Nichole said...

Leaning towards Rocky Flats b/c it's in Adams rather than Valley county. Much lower taxes.

The Sequoia (2008) is not the coolest looking rig (kinda ugly actually) but has all the options I want for a long term vehicle. I just can't bring myself to own a van (mini or otherwise). Too many downsides for the area we live and the live we lead.

Ned seems to be on board. He's TOTALLY on board with minimizing costs. Buying? Not sure where he sits, but the option is there.

I'm off my deathbed! Actually planning on YW tomorrow so no worries ;)

Paige said...

Oh I miss those ym!! And you too of course:) Please tell them hi from me. And about that there one even there?? All I see is a big pile of snow! HOLY COW! Anyway, I feel your pain in the house hunting game...good luck!!

Nichole said...

yeah we hate to leave our adorable house but we've got to cut costs and it will be nice to have less neighbors