The Short List

The following post contains a few of the reasons I homeschool my children.  In no particular order
  • to enjoy more time with my children
  • speed-why should my children sit in school eight hours per day, five days per week, waiting for the slowest student in the class to learn and for the teacher to teach the same simple concepts to thirty children at the same time
  • a well rounded, Christ centered education rather than the watered down basics the public schools are allowed to teach
  • I want to teach my children
  • seasonal and scheduling freedom
  • my children will be surrounded with positive influences and powerful role models instead of subjecting them to "worldly" and "average" mentalities
  • I want my children to excel and enjoy learning rather than to be forced to study things they don't enjoy.  Not to say that they will only learn the things they love, but we can go in depth and concentrate on their favorites
  • The government is not the expert on what path my child should follow in life
  • There is no better place for a child to learn leadership qualities and skills than in the home.  They are learning how to implement change and create improvements in society
  • My children will learn from life experiences, not just from books
  • We can focus on high quality reading materials that teach morals, religion, history and everything that the schools are not allowed to teach
  • I want the very best preparation for my children as they head to college and into the business world so they will be successful in all areas of life
  • Boys should be allowed to learn like boys and girls should be allowed to learn like girls.

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