Have you ever?

Had a week where there is nothing to report?       No new blog design, no inspirational moments to note, no exciting new happenings.  Mutual night was really fun!       We're getting a new bishopric     (which I'm predicting is Kraig, Russ, Travis) so we made a good bye book for Bishop Dillon.  We chatted with the girls that were there and goofed around      (how's that ringtone working for you Maddie)     and planned a trip to Vigilantes with our presidency to do some karaoke.       Rock on!       I haven't gotten my house in mint condition yet, hence no tour video.       We've had sun and snow and rain and wind.       We've gotten closer to our friends.       I've tried not to eat my own children (that's a daily struggle).       We've gathered more Chicks for the race.

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Nichole said...

whoah was I WAY off. 1 of 3. so excited to have brother cochrane, brother jones and bishop holland leading our ward. bishop gave a wonderful testimony and I know he's been called by God to serve. we're sending up many many prayers for our new bishopric and their families.