I watched a good movie over the weekend.  A must see for adoptive parents.  "Juno"  The humor is a little crude and tends towards sexual more often than not.  The PG-13 rating is serious!  I wouldn't let any of my Young Women watch it.  I would say 18 and up.  But it's such a great glimpse into a birth mother's life and surely made me appreciate my babies.

Even though I pray so much and thank Heavenly Father for sending me two precious boys and one spectacular Birth Mom, this movie strengthened my belief in adoption.

Watch it with your spouse and you'll cry your eyes out!


The Christy Clan said...

I agree!! when the movie came out Travis and I got a babysitter and went on a date. We really liked it.

Paige said...

I LOVED this movie! And yes, I too cried my eyes out.

The Neads said...

Me not so much on the band wagon of Juno. A little too much about the sex thing. And not real entriguing, for me, or my wife. But to each their own.