I found an adorable craft!!!! I'm definitely building some of these~

TY animals ($6.99)and the two 20 inch squares of minky material ($7.99) at Porter's.

Spread out the material, right sides together (with grains running the same direction), cut off one corner in a straight diagonal line. Round the other 3 corners. Cut the cute stuffed animal in half, taking out some of the extra stuffing. (I used the feet on the first blanket I made and it made it heavy, so I just used the top half on the others.)

Pin together stomach of animal to right side of material you want on front of blanket (on the diagonal cut corner), and sew. Do the same with the back.

Sew front and back of animal

Turn inside-out and pin with animal inside. Sew along entire blanket edge, leaving a 4-inch space unsewn to turn back right-side out.

Once it's right-side-out, sew the open part shut (folding and pinning seam) with a 5/8 seam and continue all the way around the blanket for a nice edge, and you're done! 

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