All I Think About...Girls Camp 2008 Post #3

I can't even think to pray about anything except camp.

Heading over the river and through the woods tomorrow to pick up camping gear from Grandpa and Uncle.

I wish these frickin' tee shirts would co-operate.  I hope I have enough transfer paper.

Oh the sun is out!  Keep warming keep warming keep warming (my Sun mantra)  I'd rather not get to the campsite and have snow on the ground.

My house is a dump!  Where's my maid at times like this.  I hope Nana plans to clean my house when she picks up the kids.  Did I feed my boys supper before I put them in bed?  Oh yeah~they had popcorn while they sat in front of the babysitter.  Oh yeah~licorice too.  It's all good!  I forgot what a great soundtrack "Mulan" has.

~~Yippee camp~here I come~~maybe...


Elena said...

Good luck at girls camp. I love going! Hope you all have fun.

Camilla said...

GOOD LUCK!! I hope the girl's problems work themselves out without too much hearbreak.