Girls Camp 2008 Post #1

I'm an assistant camp director for our church camp this year.  The theme is "Just Look Up" with an emphasis on stars and personal worth.  Pretty excited!  It's getting down to crunch time so I may be a little absent from the posting this week.  Not as absent as I'll be next week because I'll be in the mountains "roughing it" for 5 days.  YEE HAW!!!

I loved camp growing up.  No parents, no siblings, tons of candy ;P  I remember getting one major crush on a boy in a certain group of boys that we met up with on our high adventure hike.  I even have a picture of him, I think.  The food is always so much better cooked over and fire.  The stars are so much brighter when you're sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows.

One of my "young women" (the name of our youth organization at church is called "The Young Women's Organization" hence, one of my young women) taught me a delectable new s'mores treat.  Put the piece of chocolate inside the marshmallow as it's roasting.  HEAVENLY!!!!

I love the hikes!  I remember one year our group of Young Women were so kind to each other.  Usually you have the athletic girls at the front and they charge up the hill.  The slower girls are at the back.  When the fast girls stop to rest, they usually wait just long enough for the slow girls to catch up and they say "okay~let's go!"  This group was amazing.  The fast girls didn't sprint up the trail and they let the last person to the rest area decide when the break was over.  I don't believe the leaders enforced this, they were just SO selfless, it naturally happened.  I'll be forever grateful to that group of Young Women who opened my eyes to how little things can be so Christlike.  Growing up, I was the girl who sprinted ahead on the trail.  Not once did it cross my mind to think of the slower hikers.  I grew and learned many things from that group.  THANK YOU!  True followers of Christ.


Camilla said...

I also totally LOVE girls camp. Sounds like you've got a great batch up there. Have fun and I wish you the best night of sleep humanly possible on an air mattress in the mountains.

Tiffany said...

I love to hear people's fond memories of camp. I am a camp director and LOVE my job. Seeing the campers and the staff grow so much in just a few months is amazing. Have fun!

Mama Kat said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog today!!!

I wish my kids were old enough to go to camp. I'd gladly send them for a week!