Girls Camp 2008 Post #4


Recap Night

We had a great final camp activity for '08. "Just Look Up!" McCall 2nd Ward Girls Camp 2008

We had a potluck dinner with strawberry shortcake for refreshments. Virginia was camp photographer and had hundreds of photos. She did an amazing job capturing the feel of camp. Even if she did get one or two too many butt shots of me. Dana put together a really special DVD with all the photos. It's especially good for me since I somehow deleted all my camp photos (as well as Mariah and Kyles wedding photos~DRAT!!!) from the memory card. I LOVE technology! And exclamation points.

There was laughter and love and tears and we put a great final topping to camp this year. Sharon did a super duper job of planning things to bring the spirit to camp and for the girls to bond together and become closer to Christ. I know everyone's testimony cup was filled and they felt their Saviors love over and over again at camp. I know I felt the Holy Ghost testify to me more that once every day, that Jesus is my Savior and we are teaching true principles to these young women and I know that their Savior loves them. It was unspeakably amazing!

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The Christy Clan said...

I like your family photo!!

Paige said...

I miss those girls! looks like fun:)