Yeah I got back Friday but  here's the top ten reasons I have not posted yet.

1~can anyone say DIRTY?  under the nails, in the hair, up the nostrils, the cracks in my feet (thanks Grammy, great inheritance)

2~SSSSOOOO TTTIIIRRREEEEDDDDD!  I achieved my daily goal of being the last one to the fire every morning.  Hence, I received the early riser award.  Yay me!

3-seriously, did I really need to take all that crap to camp?  I don't know what I could have left at home but man did I every drag a ton of crap up the hill, down to camp, to the tent, back up to vehicles and back home.  I have got to learn some light packing skills before the next camping excursion 

4~got home, got ready for the next thing.  Bark in the Park.  Hopefully not a complete waste of time.  I made a butt crack load of business cards, ironed a huge shiny sign on the back of my bright purple scrub top, brushed the dog for 2 HOURS, donated over $60 bucks to McPaws and lost the fastest tail wagging contest to a freaking cocker spaniel.  EVERYBODY knows cockers have crazy tails, they shouldn't be allowed in the contest with normal tail waggers.  Rocky and i had fun and hopefully got the word out that there's a dog trainer in town that won't yank their dogs off their feet to make them slow down, won't shock the crap out of their dog to make them listen, and actually has fun while teaching them how to train their dogs.  My fingers are crossed!

5~I have no idea what occurred Saturday morning but in the evening went to a friends wedding.  The couple is not of my faith and I'm always saddened by the finality of the ceremony "till death do you part".  God can't truly be that heartless as to take away our family at the end of our life.  My nylons would not co-operate hence only one dance with the hubby.  I'll NEVER EVER forget my great "nay-bors" doing the conga line and the YMCA.  If only they would have joined in the chicken dance, my year would have been complete ;P

6~Our first "cottage style" church meeting Sunday.  We went to New Meadows to the Stones' home.  I felt such a strong spirit and know that our speakers and leaders were inspired in that service.  It was beautiful and amazingly sweet.  We cannot meet in our church house this summer, so the ward is divided out amongst five members homes for sacrament meeting only on Sundays.  I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know our ward family in a "cottage" setting.  Will definitely be a summer to remember.

7~Over the river and through the woods to Grandma and Grandpas we go.  Had a great visit with Ned's parents, Grandma Lucille and Uncle Dave.  Nana brought the boys up there after tending them all week while I was camping.  We had borrowed Clifford's truck so we brought it back and rode home in Nana's "car-ck"  remember the old Subaru Brat?  Nana has the modern version.  Subaru Baja.  We love to tease her and call it the car-ck

8~Monday morning and all of the camping supplies are still strewn about.  Boys are home (YIPPEE!) so I have to cook.  BUMMER!  Whenever Nana comes or goes, there is a trail of hand me downs, dollar store spending sprees and mostly unneccesary stuff the boys have collected.  We had TONS of hand me downs from Max and the boys have been having a heyday trying things on and fighting over who gets the superhero pajamas.  Reed has grown out of almost all his clothes so these boxes of Max's old clothes are WONDERFUL!  Everything is a least sorted.  Now I actually have to take it upstairs and hang it.  NAW!  I'll get on the blog~

9~I'm SO far behind I have 63 e mails to sift through (oh poor me, people are thinking of me and sending me stuff.  LOVE IT!).  I have blogs to comment on.  SITS sistas to visit and family to catch up with.

10~what a great week!  Our girls became closer friends, I got my "hit" of love from my girls, tons of exercise was done, too much food was consumed, glow sticked for the first time (RIOT!!!!!!), got to know the leaders more and got to become better friends with my already good friends.  I felt the spirit every day!  Learned how to blow up cans of corn.  Made one liter of Mtn Dew last 5 days.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!  Made beautiful ladders out of sticks and raffia.  Lots of Secret Sister fun.  I also received the CA-CAW!  Award.  If you haven't seen "Robots" with Robin Williams, that is not even funny to you.  I used "ca-caw" constantly!   Overused is probably a better description.  I miss being in the Young Women's Organization and camp was a wonderful good bye gift.  Thank you Lord for allowing your servants to be a part of those girls lives.  WOW!


The Christy Clan said...

I loved Girls camp when I was in YW. However now I think it takes a special lady to go up with the gals. I don't think I'm that special someone. But sounds as though you had fun-welcome back!!

Paige said...

It sounds like you had a good time. So, you were released? What on earth for?! I honestly don't think there is a better calling out there for you. Wish I could have been there:( Miss you all!

Elena said...

Glad you had a wonderful time. Girls camp is the best. I didn't know you were a dog trainer. Tell me how on earth to make my dog stop barking. :)

Nick and Karalynn said...

Good times at girls camp! I'm so jealous. And I posted some more pictures for you...