Tax Dollars At Work

Yeah sure I enjoyed it and am putting a link to it on my blog
What a waste of time and money.  Someone took LOADS of time putting together this website.
Other than the sour taste in my mouth that government programs leave, I enjoyed playing around with it.

I'm FAIRLY disgusted but hopefully not in an offensive way for it is truly not meant that way.  Can the baby boomers not be original and come up with some creative names like TedAnne or LulaBelle or Apple or know?

This annoyance centers around the name Jennifer.  This name hit #1 most popular name in 1970 and stayed at #1 for 14 more years until 1984.  HELLO!!!!!!!  I can't remember how many Jennifers I grew up with .  My SBFF is one of the aforementioned (Hi JennyLou) so I in no way dislike the name.  BUT COME ON!!!!!!

Ok**I'm hopping off the soapbox and sending you to check out the SSA Popular Baby Names page.

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