This Weekends Hightlights

Saturday was Ned's 20 Year Class Reunion of the Council High School Lumberjacks. We went over the river and through the woods and I saw my life flash in front of my eyes no less that 100 times as Ned sped in the Honda through two mountain passes. We swam in a beautiful pool filled from natural hot springs. The facility was sparkling clean. Probably cleaner than my house! There was a BBQ and of course a plethora ( I use that word whenever possible ) of reminiscing. The boys started a game of croquet but that lasted all of 3 seconds.

Now in my family, croquet is a serious and fierce competition. I'm sure there will be more posts regarding that.

There was a quaint little crick or creek (tomato/tomahto whatevah!). I prefer crick, makes me feel all countrified which I thoroughly enjoy. Tons of little boys spent hours trying to catch snakes, dragonflies, fish and all other manner of disgusting boy things. Rooster and Rusty were in hog heaven! They love the big boys and Rusty kept trying to help one little boy with his game of horseshoes. The boy would throw the horseshoe and Rusty would run over to finish tossing it onto the spike. He was just trying to help the boy get the shoe on the spike. That little boy was FUMING! He kept yelling at Rusty and telling him to stop. But Rusty being a good little Choleric personality, ignored him and "helped" him win the game. HILARIOUS!!!

We hustled back to McCall just in time to miss everybody getting thoroughly sauced and start the "un-fun" part of getting together with a bunch of rednecks (said in the most absolutely loving way possible).

Ned had an office meeting and the boys were zonked in the back seat, {I don't think they lasted more than 2 minutes after we pulled away from the reunion. They were P-O-O-P pooped!} I rode into town with him. Actually I DROVE him into town. There was no way I could endure another race through the mountains and retain my sanity. The boys slept for a couple minutes while I dashed into Maverick and procured a little "mother's milk" (translation~Do the Dew if this is your first time visiting my life) so I could drink my caffiene addicted body into peacefulness without taking Excedrin. I prefer the natural rather than pill form of caffeine when my body is screaming for it's daily dose. Who wants to be hooked on pills is always my motto. Am I right or am I right or am I right? Right?!?

Boys awoke and we popped down to the beach. I was busy drooling over all the jet skis shooting in and out of the marina while Rooster and Rusty were attacked by swarms of puppies. Actually only one puppy. But is was such a pest (owner had no control of course) it seemed liked swarms. Rooster would jump up from his castle building, screaming bloody murder and running as fast as he can to get away from the 7 pound lab cross puppy that the owner kept putting on the ground so he could terrorize all the beachgoers over and over again. That is why people hate dogs! One or two irresponsible owners take liberties they shouldn't and ruin it for the rest of us. Another rant for another post for another day...

We had a delightful time at the beach (sans Terror Puppy) and I must say, my tan is looking more and more spectacular each and every day. Ned's meeting finished just as we hopped back in the car and we jetted home. Ned mowed the pasture lawn surrounding our house and all three boys slept outside in a tent. Mommy had a wonderfully peaceful time on the computer {until 3am} and slept like a log; with a bed all to myself.

We were on time to church this morning for the second week in a row. Sheesh! our ward members are going to get spoiled seeing the Crossleys sitting down before the sacrament is passed. Had a perfect meeting at the Stone's home which was overflowing today. We sat on a sofa directly in the glare of the morning sun beaming through two stories of windows facing east. I can't believe Ned stayed awake. I was sweating like no other and Rusty had to sit on the floor because "it's too hot Mommy!" Wonderful talks on fathers and fatherhood. Next week we'll be attending the branch in Riggins.

Ned is headed off to home teach. He's really pulling it close (the day before the last day of the month). I'll be doing my visiting teaching tomorrow. The LAST day of the month. Nothing says "I care and I'm your friend" like a call on Sunday asking if we can squeeze in a visit at the last possible second before deadline. Feel the love!
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Camilla said...

Wow, 20 years!! Doesn't that just make you feel old?

Amazingly, even though those numbers start to creep up on you, I still feel like I am a teen, don't you?

Nichole said...

in my mind~i'm still young~my body argues it's case daily ;P