Thanks for the sacrifices, for the tears, for the courage, for the selflessness of the soldiers and especially the families. The mothers who raised the brave, the wives and husbands who love the brave, and the children who worship the brave.

We pray every night for God to protect, support, and comfort the soldiers and their families.

Happy Fourth! I support our soldiers!!!

This is not a rhetorical question...I want to know how all my friends celebrate the Fourth of July. This year and past years. COMMENT DANGIT!!!! ;P

I started off my celebration by sleeping in. My boys are with Nana in Tetonia (ie surgery Tues) so I got nothing to get my can outta bed for. Ned is working the day shift. All officers work 4th. There's no if and or buts. THEY ALL WORK! But this year we get to spend the evening together which didn't happen last year. Bummer the boys aren't here but I know they're having an eventful Fourth with my family.

The Terrills graciously open their home on the lake for all the public servants working in McCall on the Fourth. We have a BBQ and potluck everything. They shoot fireworks from a barge in the middle of the lake and everybody gets in their boats and gets as close to the barge as possible. After the works it's so beautiful to see all the boats drift back to their docks with their lights on. Looks like a light parade.

The question is~In the dark, how do you find where your house is on the shore? I mean you have a general idea but do you just coast along the shore hoping to not pull into the wrong dock? HMMMMMMM...


Elena said...

I'm a creature of habit on the
4th. I have to go to the silly little parade, (makes me so proud every year), sit in the exact same spot, and then go down the river to watch the fireworks. It's a nightmare with the crowds and seems to get worse each year, but I still love it. Enjoy your day of from being mama!

Camilla said...

Our neighborhood has a breakfast and flag ceremony. Then it is a little parade for the kids-- we dress up, decorate our bikes (or stroller), and this year we spray-painted our hair!!

Then it is off to Grandma and Grandpa Hall's house for afternoon water games, movies, and such. Finally, we hit the fireworks at Sugarhouse park (we walk cause we live so close!).

Happy Fourth. Good luck on Tuesday!