the puppy

i am having issues with my camera and getting pictures off so no pics yet but we have a dog. we are no longer "in between dogs" as I like to say.

Hobbes is a cute little Golden Retriever. He's a real blonde color with a chunky little face. The boys are absolutely in love with him and he's very good with them. He follows them all around the yard. They're getting less nervous taking the ball from his mouth. He's a ball dog but luckily not OCD like lots of ball dogs. He's a great walking companion for me and I'm getting him into better shape. He's pretty tired when we get home.

The Napiers gave him to us and he fits our family just perfectly. THANKS AMY!!! We changed his name so I can really grill his new name into his head. He's doing so well learning it. I work on him making eye contact with me when I say "hobbes" and he's got a fairly good recall to his name and my whistle.

He's learning "kennel" but he really hates to be in the kennel. He's improved 150% from constant barking when he's in there. I'm impressed.

We haven't gone to the lake yet because I'm trying to get his coat in order first. I may resort to taking him to the groomer because we all know how much work a Golden's undercoat is. NIGHTMARE!!!! I swore I'd never have an undercoated dog but it is what it is. We love him!


Paige said...

I want a puppy...sometimes. He sounds like a cutie. Can't wait to meet him:)

Mikki said...

Sounds like a fun dog. Glad that the kids are getting along so well with him.

We have a Chinese Pug. We got him almost 7 years ago when I was a little baby hungry but not sure if I wanted another baby or not. Sure enough a couple months after we got him I got pregnant again. He's pretty well behaved, just majorly hairy and sheds like crazy.