Reed's Hard Lesson

No chocolate covered pretzels at the volleyball game for Reed tonight. Daddy took him to the store and he reached into the bin of trail mix and ate a handful without paying. So he learned about stealing tonight. I've had to get out of the habit of snacking on groceries before paying and then handing the empty wrapper to the cashier. Slap my hands! So Daddy ruled that Reed did not get to share everyone's snack at the game. He was SO sad but very pragmatic. "I don't get any because I stole" he told me.

We went to New Meadows and watched my two favorite YW Camp Youth Leaders (we only had 2) battle it out over the net. They go to separate high schools and tonight their teams competed. McCall won their first match in three years tonight. Kassie had some totally sweet serving rallies and Sierra was ALL OVER the net. She ruled the net! Yahoo atta girl. It was so fun and made me long for my glory days in high school. Ah well...


elena said...

Sounds like Reed and Carter were kindred spirits this week. :)

Camilla said...

Oh, harsh!! I also snack at the store before going to the register. . . . . sometimes grocery store trips get desperate.