this is what's going on

a day in the life. boys are sleeping a little later nowadays. could be because they are usually up pretty late. seems as if we find so much to do in the evenings. we've been going to the beach. playing tee ball. jumping on the trampoline. practicing our bike riding skills. reading. taking walks. fishing. definitely NOT cleaning or doing dishes. going to birthday parties. pool parties. seeing plays, the wizard of oz most recently. dog training. road trip to pocatello (miss ya jenny lou). motorcycle wrecks, yeah rusty is tough! sorry about the mirror kc. watching movies. seeing beautiful sunsets. of course we don't see any sunrises ;P enjoying the SUV (we are truly mcCall'ites now). going to the beach and getting a killer tan. losing weight. missing my awol internet hence the no posting for days on end. eating off paper plates. bummed about missing rooster's rodeo in cascade. we'll be going to jj's wedding instead. good trade off? i'll get back to ya ;P

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Cardon Family said...

New SUV? Did you get something new? Details!