How's the weather?

Just in the nick of time it's cooling in our beautiful dreamland. The daytime temp is picture perfect and it's good and chilly at night. One drawback is I don't want to leave the windows open all night because then it's too cold in the house. How do I keep my very old, very stinky house from getting stinky this winter? I will be able to open the windows frequently but not for long periods of time. Sure I can burn candles and have air fresheners, but that just covers up the stinky-ness. Hmmmm...

We've been busy busy busy doing nothing. The reunion weekend was fun! 10 out of 67 classmates came to the THS Homecoming game and we caught up and had run chatting. I could not get over the friends in my class who now have tween daughters and sons. Freaks me out! Steve Byington graciously "volunteered" for our 20 year reunion. HAHAHAHA. Yes I'll help. I think keeping the Class of 1993 blog going will make it easier to plan and notify and tweak the plans.  It would have been so fun to see more friends but it was nice to get plenty of personal time with the few that came.  

My Mom kept Ned hopping with son-in-law "honey do's" so he had a nice time.  The boys love seeing their Grandma and we sure get a kick outta Nana.

I did my personal best jog time post surgery while in the Teton Valley.  2.3 miles full on jogging.  Then to finish off the 5 miles I logged, I burned out some fast jogging in between every other telephone pole.   Quite exciting since there is such a huge elevation difference.

Spent a few days "working" in Meridian with Summer and Koda.  They got a new puppy and so the boys and I stayed there to help transition their home into a home with a dog.  Summer is doing SO great.  She's educated herself, is a great student, and really wants to be a responsible dog owner.  I'm terribly proud of her because I could not run her household.  She amazes me!  Three cheers for Spence's wife!!!

Reed is so anxious to start schooling with Idaho Virtual Academy.  His schoolbooks arrived today and he is chomping at the bit.  I hope I'm ready.  I constantly pray that I can be a good Mommy and help him achieve his potential.  We're keeping our finger crossed...

Will is OBSSESSED with boats.  Every time he prays, the boat and the motor are in it.  I'll get some boating pictures posted to my photo album ASAP.


Mikki said...

I have been trying to wait patiently to see how the reunion went and who showed up. Finally you come home. JK, I'm sure you are crazy busy.

I almost drove up on Friday night for the football game. I was going to leave my oldest in charge until their dad's plane got in from North Carolina. He's almost 14, I figured he could handle it. My in-laws were out of town, so that was out. It was a good thing that I didn't go because the hubby ended up being stuck in Denver overnight. That wouldn't have been good. Thirteen, not a good age to be babysitting overnight.

Steve in charge, that ought to be a fun one. He used to live here in Boise and we had a few classes together at BSU.

My mom and sister said they saw you and Steve and Mike Beard. Said Mike hadn't changed much as far as looks go, wish I could say the same. :)

Nick and Karalynn said...

Just so you know, I am ALWAYS waiting anxiously for another post!

And we are totally in for Thursday! What's the plan? When will you be here?

I also need your help. I'm trying to talk Nick into getting a dog. Well, that's not the problem. The problem is choosing what kind to get. I want a cute little guy and he wants a big one. No shedding. I need some good arguments so I will get my way :)