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palin's daughter is prego, unmarried, in high school. people are happy she's keeping the baby and "marrying the boyfriend". this is what hollywood has done to our society. it's cool to have a baby, no need to establish a home first. yes, i'm glad she's not having an abortion. BUT abortion is not the only solution. how many pregnant girls don't finish high school? let alone go to college. how many marriages end in divorce when they start the wrong way? how many families, that start with a baby not a marriage, live in poverty the rest of their lives? when is adoption going to become the "best option"? i testify it IS the best option most of the time.

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Cardon Family said...

Christmas project in the making! I need your favorite pic of each member of your family, individually. If you need to crop yourself or others out of a group shot that's fine but I need a pic of each individual emailed to me by OCT 1. Christmas is coming!