Stake Conference

We had a "free day" from callings at church so we decided to visit family this stake conference weekend.

Had a great picnic in the park and took some fun photos that I haven't even looked at yet.

There were lots of speakers during out two hour meeting because the bishops from all the wards in the stake reported on their "Summer of the Family". We were to make this summer memorable by focusing on our family.

We had quite a memorable summer.

  • Ned taught the boys to fish and drive the boat.
  • We went to the Twin Falls temple open house and dedication. This is the third temple Reed has bee inside and the second Will has been inside of.
  • We grew closer to our extended family through many visits and events. We got to witness Jessica and Tiny Tim's marriage in Idaho Falls and see our Grandma Nead and catch up. That was the best part of the whole weekend. The surprise visit of Grandma Nead. We love you Grandma!
  • We got our first SUV and the boys love it. They don't have to "touch" while in the car and we can haul so much crap with us without causing too much discomfort.
  • We had special cottage meetings for our ward this summer where we attended sacrament meeting at four different homes. We were assigned to speak at each of the locations the last month. It was so fun to mix it up and have cozy family like sacrament meeting. Every Sunday we felt the Spirit strongly testify to us that what we were learning was true.

I feel we had a VERY memorable "Summer of the Family"

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