Bouncing between spiritual faith and abundance

Cycle of Democracy - Alexander Fraser Tyler

This is pretty heavy stuff but it sure nails the pride cycle to a tee.

Where do I think the US is in the pride cycle? I think with the American people voting for Senator Obama we are loudly shouting from the rooftops that we want to be smack dab in the middle of dependancy when we should be bouncing back and forth between spiritual faith and abundance. That is not the reason I voted for Obama (which I did. Obama for President and Rammell for Senate then straight Republican ticket). Read my philosophy on why I voted for Obama here.

Stolen from Orrin Woodward's words of wisdom
From complacency to apathy;

1980’s were a brief respite in the cycle. Thanks to the leadership and convictions of Ronald Reagan, America stood its ground against Communism and found that Communism was a paper tiger. The respite was short lived because the President, even with his bully pulpit, cannot consistently educate Americans on Biblical truths. This must be a function of the church, which has abdicated their responsibility in an effort to be relative to a lost generation.

The 1990’s saw a near complete surrender to apathy and personal fulfillment. With a near complete rejection of absolute values, people defined their own values and pursued fulfillment in the myriad of choices available to them. People did not care who was running the government as long as they were left alone to pursue the own personal agenda. Government performed by doing focus groups to ascertain what the people wanted and giving it to them, surrendering all leadership responsibilities to the disparate wishes of the people. Government, instead of playing the role of umpire and defender of our freedoms began to play the role of a benevolent dictator. The dictator studied to learn what we wanted and offered that to us with only a token price of submission to their plan.

From apathy to dependency;

The 2000’s will be remembered as the decade of complete submission to the government’s largesse. The American citizen’s depend upon government for their welfare, health care, social security, etc. It would be unthinkable for most Americans to live without the direct involvement of our beneficent Big Brother. The price of dependency is submission of our freedoms to the dictates of Big Brother. The old saying that you boil a frog one degree at a time aptly fits here. If you take a frog and throw him into boiling water, the frog will have enough sense to jump out. But if you turn up the temperature slowly, the frog will open up its pores and will literally be boiled without an attempted escape. Americans are now boiling in our dependency on our government.

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Nay Family said...

Amen. (Not a normal enthusiastic Amen sistuh!, but more of a "'re right. What are we going to do now?" amen.

Kindof an 'unrighteous dominion' situation here in regards to the government. Too much control...

I wish Orrin would have thrown the word 'entitlement' around in there somewhere. But maybe that's always been a problem & it's just now starting to irritate me. LOL