Happy Halloween!

We did...

I haven't had such a fun h'ween in a LONG time. Ned and the boys hit the banks and shops in town while I worked out at The Club. Ned went to work at five so I took the boys to the nursing home and a couple people's homes.

Met up with our dear friends and headed to New Meadows where we loaded up. Stopped at the Methodist church where they had cider, cocoa, pretzels, cheese. I had roasted pumpkin seeds for the first time tonight. Pretty tasty!

We did two streets in New Meadows and all 11 kids were done. Went up the hill to Dick and Marliss' home. They said in the 5 years they have lived there, not one trick or treater. They loaded us up with candy and pumpkin pie a la mode. MMMMMM! I had to decline. Hit Dave and Heather on the way down the hill whom also had NEVER had treaters. Loaded up!

I have adorable pictures that will be posted Sat on my photo album page. You can find the link at the very bottom of my blog or you can click here to see our album.

SO MUCH FUN!!! Hope everyone had as great a time as we did!!

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Bonnie said...

Halloween is so fun to see the kids all excited to score on the candy!~ I heard some great ideas on freezing some of their candy and using it to fill their stockings at Christmas time.
I'm doing it!~
Love ya,