I'm sick of it

"...and this is what President Elect Obama thinks or has to say..."

Not a word about where our current president stands. I doesn't matter to me that it's democrat/republican or lame duck president or whatever. The point is the media is in love with this man and whatever he thinks or says is gospel. I'm already sick of the pandering.

Please make sure, as we come into the most tumultuous time this world has ever seen, that you are educating yourself. That you are doing research. That you are staying informed from all sides. Please don't roll over and play dead because when this man comes into power, everything he does (no matter how heinous) will be hailed as wonderful, and amazing, and groundbreaking and just SO PERFECT! GAK!


Cardon Family said...

Hey, just remember, YOU voted for him!

Nay Family said...

I bet Obama couldn't duck a shoe like Dubya!

I totally agree with you. This is a time when we need to be totally aware and informed. Evil people start off this way. They are great orators and crowd pleasers, but have crazy ideals that people eventually believe because it SOUNDS great.

I think all too often we are more re-active than pro-active and we are coming to a time in this world where that will no longer be acceptable.

The people who are merely re-active will soon be considered whiny ignoramuses. (is that a word? Ignoramuses? If not, it is now cuz I likey it!)

Nichole said...

Obviously you have not prepared yourself for a battle of wits. You must know your history and your enemy before you engage in a war of words. If you had read your history, follow this link, you would understand why I voted Obama. Not for the reasons you think. Come to battle armed!