Yada Yada Yada

Chrismas was good blah blah blah

Just kidding!!

It was super terrific.

We went to Ned's parents house Dec 24th. Got to have Grandpa and Grandma all to themselves my boys did. Reed and Will were the stars of the show.

My Mom came up on the 22th and of course brought LOADS of fun and gifts. Thanks Nana~it was so fun!

We played games and ate and ate and ate and ate. I gained four pounds hence the extreme gym hittage this week.

It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed. All the grandkids played outside and got so wet. There was a constant in and out of the back door.

We stayed up too late. Ate too much. Missed our family we didn't get to see. Loved and slurped the family we did get to see.

Reed talked Santa into a real BB gun. Is 5 too young for your first gun? Will not only received a toy knife from Santa, but 2!! Everyone got a year's worth of jerky. Ned gets to go shopping at Bass Pro Shop. And me? Little ol' me? I GOT BLING BABY! The bracelet I've been admiring magically showed up at Christmas. Plus~Spark by Liz Claiborne. I haven't smelled good in years and the family definitely got to enjoy it with me =D

Do I have to post pictures?


The Neads said...

Bling huh?? I didn't even get that... ha ha.. sounds like you guys had fun... Kelly and I are still praying for this other house so we passed on the Christmas gifts for each other.. so we've decided on a name for the baby boy soon to come... Boston Anderson Nead.. Kelly insisted he be named after your Grandpa so I got to choose out of Reed Weldon or Anderson..

Nichole said...

Boston eh? Pretty cute~Glad we won't have another Reed (even thought that's the rockinest name ever!)

What is your due date?