Oh yeah! And the Super Bowl

Who's playing and when ? I gotta throw a shindig. Wait a minute, I don't have TV.

What adorable friend of mine is going to volunteer their home and boob toob??? I'll do ALL the food~ Come out come out wherever you are~first come first serve.

Just invite us over for the big game and I'll bring the grub.

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Jes said...

You can come to our house. We just got a 60 inch enormous TV to make our living room look like a bachelor pad. It was free, so I can't complain. So what do you say Crossley? Wanna watch the Superbowl in Vegas? You might feel like you're actually at the game.

Good luck getting an offer closer to home, because if you were THAT dedicated, you'd probably be looking for tickets to the game (and you'd know who was playing).

Love ya!