Just saw "Body of Lies" I would have paid money to see this in a theater but I'm too cheap to actually go to movies when they are in the theatre. Which way is the proper way to spell that in the USA? hmmmm....

Anywho, my boy Leo's films are getting better and better. He's TOTALLY getting better with age. He's almost giving my man Will Smith a run for his money.

If I had to choose between watching Leo films or Will films for the rest of my life, I probably couldn't decide which one to pick.

But alas, we all have our flaws
Apart from his acting career DiCaprio is well known for his dedication to helping the environment on a global level

Oh gag!


Elena said...

Yep, love me some Leo and Wil too! I'll have to Netflix this one. We just watch the Prestige, with Christian Bale. That was one nutso show.

Nick and Karalynn said...

Oh hi, I'm Karalynn and I don't answer your questions. But I will now :)

No, I'm not planning on going to Branden's shindig because I've been really sick. I know, shame on me.

Miss M said...

The first time I saw him was in "What's eating Gilbert Grape?" It wasn't until I saw an interview with him on TV that I realized he wasn't autistic. Wow!

Have you ever noticed that he has is signature scream in every movie? Kind of like Keanu Reeves has is signature response, "The best I can" when he's asked "What are you doing?" in a movie.