But President Obama....You PROMISED!!!

You promised my government cared about me and was going to take care of me and ALL the problems America was facing as you begged for my vote.

Obama seeks patience, warns of expecting too much
President Barack Obama on Thursday asked Americans to back his far-reaching economic and health policies, but warned them not to expect too much from him or the federal government.

He told Americans not to expect "something for nothing" from their government. Improvements to the economy and health care will take time and require unusually large deficits for a while, he said.

"Nothing is free," he said.

The story is a flip flop every other time he speaks he's promising the moon. Every other time he speaks he begs us not to expect too much from the government. It's a good thing I read the book Who Moved My Cheese because it gets moved EVERY STINKIN' DAY!

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Camilla said...

Yep, he spent so much of his career campaigning for himself with broad ideas and promises, now that he actually has to ummm, you know, write and govern actual laws it puts him up a creek.

Too bad, very few of my friends/ aquaintances who voted for Obama actually are paying attention to what he is saying now. . . .I warned them.

But, hey, you know he is the first President of the United States who showed up for a late night talke show during his term . . . at least that was was the tonight show was advertising yesterday--so he has accomplished SOMETHING new.