Edible Campfires, Kick the Can Ice Cream and Campfire Fudge

We had a girls camp activity for Young Women this week and to pass off some certification I had my campers mix sugar in a bag cook and get some firebuilding certification completed.

My favorite part about the edible campfires was making the fire building supplies (the wood pile) water proof! SO ADORABLE! Click here for Edible Campfires

Here's the link to the recipe for Campfire Fudge.

Go here to learn how to make Kick the Can Ice Cream.

We had lots of fun building edible campfires and I think the girls will definitely remember the steps to making a real campfire this year. Learning the difference in tinder and kindling and firestarter and fuel was quite the brain twister but they mastered it!

Thanks Crystal for taking photos! I wish I would have gotten proof of the fudge and ice cream but I was totally off track by the end of the night. I have a picture of the leftover fudge after I added marshmallows and chopped pecans (which I forgot to add at the activity) so I'll post that =D


The Neads said...

I'm not sure what you have in those bags there, but it looks like you were training to not have a toilet, and "carry out, what you carry in" if you know what I mean. Kinda gross, aren't ya Niggy. (nickname, not a racial slur)

Elena said...

What a fun idea! They will always remember that.

Camilla said...

That is an awesome idea.

Seriously, looking through those pictures made me so jealous. I loved being a camp director more than any other calling ever!!!

Great idea with the edible campfires, too.