I'm totally blown away by Reedo last night.

All day he's reminding us and begging and watching for it to get dark so we can have Family Home Evening. We have NOT been good about regular FHE.

He gathers us all together. He requests we sing "I Am A Child Of God". I also wanted to sing "Families Can Be Together Forever". He gives the most awesome lesson that was pretty much his super strong testimony (he has born his testimony in Sacrament Meeting already...he's only 5!).

He talks about Christ, The Book Of Mormon, Joseph Smith and how he translated The Book Of Mormon. He talked about the Prophet Joseph finding the plates and how they were gold. How he read the book out loud while scribes wrote what he had translated.

It was AMAZING!!!

I suggested we play hide and seek in the dark for our activity but he's already planned to play Uno and has the cards out, so we play Uno for a couple hands. He announces it's treat time so we have Hershey Kisses.

I'm TOTALLY blown away. What a valiant and choice spirit my boy has! Truly humbling...


Miss M said...

That is cool. I'm always amazed at the spiritual maturity of the younger ones.

Cardon Family said...

I'm not suprised at all. He has more energizing spirit than any kid I know and he loves the gospel and Jesus. Truly awesome. He must have awesome parents!

Camilla said...

That is so cute--is he giving out lessons?