Today for dinner we had Clifford and Gwen and Lucille after church.

Country Style BBQ Ribs (Jack Daniels Sauce of course)

Delightful green salad (thanks Gwen!)

Smashed Potatoes with Pork Gravy (Will couldn't stop asking for Smashed Potatoes and when Grandpa said please pass "the taters" Reed blew a gasket and could not figure out what "taters" were. No he's not a native Idahoan, born in Oregon...what can ya do?)

Light and fluffy and perfectly wonderful rolls (thank you Rhoades)

Reed had the nerve to ask for dessert. WHAT THE...???

Grammy always wanted to end dinner with " a little something sweet " which frequently was a spoonful of jam. So we had jam for dessert. Miss you Grammy =D

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Nichole said...

I'll be the first to have a joke about having our family for dinner.

Yes they were tasty but a little tough around the edges!