More to scare your pants off

House Passes the Hitler Youth Bill

Sends some scary chills up and down the spine eh?

Disclaimer~I have never read this blog. Don't know it's history or owner or whatever. I just stumbled upon the article and thought I'd raise a flag.


Nichole said...

Opened some eyes already. Here's a sample of a comment I received

"Boy gee wiz you Republicans are really grasping for any fear you can tack onto Americans aren't you?

9/11 = Lies.
WMD fears = Lies.
ACORN fears = Lies.
Obama the Muslim = Lies.
Terrorists at every corner = Lies.
Drill in the arctic to save us = Lies.
Bank deregulation = Lies.

and now... what else? More Lies??? How surprising!!!!!

Sorry republicans hags, we are NOT AFRAID of you b****. You screwed up the US. Shut up and go back in your nasty filthy deadly holes.

It's hilarious that you invoke Hitler because you act like a bunch of lame-*** clones of Joseph Goebbels."

Funny how the left tries to silence opposing views by calling names and pointing fingers instead of proving their point and giving convincing facts to back up the rhetoric.

And FYI, I ain't no Republican.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Democrat, and I am afraid of Obama. Wouldn't be surprised to hear he accidentially used the original Constitution as TeePee and decided we didn't really need it anyway. Can someone please tell him the Constitution isn't optional?

Nichole, you are right. For instance, I doubt that person knows that the WMD were kept quiet to keep the troops safe while they were being dismantled.

Or that the subprime mortgage scandals were caused by bad regulation, not de-regulation. Regulation started by Carter, expanded by Clinton. To make housing more "affordable."

I am embarrassed by my own party.

Nay Family said...

You need to get a copy of Sharon's letter to the editor and post it here. I hope you got to see it. If not, it was awesome and worth asking her to send you a copy of. Seriously- and you know me and my centrist ways...