I think Will is going to start being afraid of things like dark and being alone.

I've not let them watch "monster" or sci-fi or scary type movies and I've enjoyed fear free boys.

Ned and the boys are watching Star Wars tonight and Will's face is nervous and he's hiding under the blanket at times.

BUMMER! I enjoyed my fear free bliss for four years and I think it's quickly coming to an end.

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Nichole said...

Listening to Night On Bald Mountain (you can hear it on my playlist) and Will ran into the bathroom today and said "Mommy! You have to turn this music off!"
Why I asked, "Because I'm scared!" Of what? "This is music for the bad guys"

DAMMIT! Now I've got a scaredy cat boys who are intimidated by Disney music just because it's played in a minor key.