Quite the worrier

With Reed being the Melancholy/ Type C personality he is prone to worrying.

Tonight he was worried about running out of food. More than half his prayer was asking his Heavenly Father to make sure we don't starve.

He's been listening to Glenn Beck altogether too much!

Glenn: Anything I can do to help you, I will. You know, you need food, whatever, I will help you. Because I'm going to be in that situation, too, most likely. We all will.

Ben Sherwood says: Sales are up double digits and flower seed sales are down, and the reason is that in this recession people are realizing that you can't eat flowers and that to me is a sign of the kind of adaptability and hard thinking that people are having to do that is literally grow their own food.And there are actually seed companies, the world's largest seed company right now has a money package that's out there where they offer you $10 worth of seeds that can grow $685 worth of food for yourself.

Did he really say it takes a recession for people to realize you can't eat flowers? WHAT THE...???

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