Our Weekend

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What a CRAAAZY weekend. It started on Wednesday night with me helping sew camp pants for the YW activity. Ned had training in Boise Thursday and Friday and asked if we wanted to come down and stay since he was getting a hotel since it was more than 100 miles for him to drive.

I booked a room at the Hampton and planned to pay about $20 for us to stay in Boise with him so we could stay downtown near his place of training. I requested the 10th floor cuz I love to see the lights and I figured that would be fun for the boys. The hotel was sweet! They had a great free breakfast and a fun pool and the whole place was VERY family friendly. Craig the Assistant Manager is my new best friend. Thanks for the bailout Nana! If you ever want a great place to stay in Boise, stay there.

We pulled into Boise about 2am because of commitments in McCall and I ate totally too much trying to keep myself awake driving through the canyon. Usually I can keep my nerves on edge and stay awake by driving fast and so I'm paranoid about cops because I'm speeding and don't want to get my license taken away or I'm jacked up from the thrill so there's no snoozing. But there are so many deer on the road these days, I couldn't do the speed thing to keep me going.

We get everybody in bed and Ned has to leave early in the morning to check in for training. I'm POOPED after a late night and I asked him to bring up a couple snacks so the boys could have something to eat while I snooze a little longer. I'm awakened by a rapping on the door and I figure it's housekeeping. I'll ignore it. I can hear the TV on cartoons and I drift back off. Another anxious rapping on the door. I'd better get up and check. HMMMMM....awfully quiet in my room. I open the door and a lady says to me "Are these your kids?"

There's my sweet angels with bowls of cereal, in their PJ's in the hotel hallway ALONE! Before 8 in the morning. Well this nice woman is with them. GUYAH! Never been so scared and mad in my life. I called Ned and wondered why he didn't wake me when he left because Reed said Dad was there when he woke up. Another good reason to use the safety latch in a hotel. We had a crazy day following that.

While in Boise we tried to go to the zoo but realized we'd missed cheap day the day before and as we were buying tickets the woman told me they close in one hour.

Never mind then! We'll go another day. We did get to see a golden eagle. Through the fence. And this was the closest we got to wild animals this weekend.

We feed the geese in the park.

The boys practice riding their bikes with no training wheels. That did not go well. They were both freaked out and kept letting go of the handlebars which sent them crashing to the ground.

We walked around downtown and loved the spring weather. Got to play with cousins for a few minutes. Thanks for the pizza Spence and Sum! I drooled over all the computers in the Mac store. We played in the pool and at the park and had loads of fun!

I got to know the downtown driving a little better by driving the same loop over and over trying to get back to the hotel. I'm an idiot.

We played on the escalators and ran through the mall. We were city dwellers for a couple days.

I was so happy to be back to our little small town. Saturday we did the redneck "thing" and went to Riggins for the jet boat races. Ned in all the years living just down the road from them never attended and it was probably the last time we'll go. Fun to watch but tons of down time. The boys got sunburned, I got sunburned and finally got a big enough dose of sun that we were sad to see the snow again. We've loved the snow, but are finally ready for warm weather.

Dug the boys warm weather clothes out and Will is LOVING all the new clothes. He wants to try everything on and is so excited that he gets to wear the clothes he remembers Reed wearing last summer.

Stake conference this Sunday. It's really nice to go to church and have no responsibility except my kids. Nice break! The boys did awesome sitting for two hours. Will has decided he's addressing our Bishop as Grandpa now and he spent more than half the meeting sitting on our dear Bishop's lap coloring. What a good guy!

Ned stayed up all night watching movies and I've been informed we are GETTING the complete set of "24" so he may keep up with the story. I have yet to watch the first episode we've received through Netflix but Ned LOVES it!

The boys have been outside playing all afternoon and so I got to post this nice long entry while Ned slept off his "24" bender.

Stay tuned...


Nichole said...

PS~our house still has not recovered from our extended babysitting gig. So if you show up unannounced (or announced for that matter) you will be unpleasantly greeted with disaster.

Cardon Family said...

when you guys come down, we'll let you borrower our COMPLETE set of 24. Tommy's buddy sent it to him from China. It's pretty cool.

Camilla said...

Sounds like a great weekend (except for the wandering kids thing).

We also love 24, but be careful--it is addictive. To save $$$, we checked out the seasons from the library.