We learned a new game today

...and the boys got to stay up till past midnight.

Marble...kinda like Sorry and Aggravation with some cards thrown in. Thanks to Marie and Cody.

Reed was dying all afternoon to watch a movie but he had to wait until he had played Slapjack with us (which by the end he was pretty fast with the slap action) and we started our grown up game and Ned and Cody had gone home teaching.

So he kicked the men out the door "You guys need to go hometeaching NOW!" He got us down from the dinner table "Mom we need to get the games down! Mom we need to get the games down! OK the game is over, can I watch a movie now?!?" He popped "The Crocodile Hunter" movie in while telling Will that this movie was going to teach them how to catch snakes.

Marie and I educated the boys on how the Crocodile Hunter was killed because he did dangerous things so make sure you are not touching snakes unless Mommy or Daddy are there.

The grownups got to play games while the boys watched movies and next thing I know it's 11:40 pm and the boys are both still awake and we're still playing.

We had a blast and our first BBQ of the year was a big success. Can you say sauted mushroom and onion burger with pepper jack cheese on an onion bun brushed with olive oil and toasted to perfection with tomato, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mayo DELIGHT!!!!!!! I have not had such a tasty burger in months and months.

Ned refused to have his buns toasted and Cody claims buns brushed with olive oil and toasted are somehow Un-American.

WHATEVS! Toasted buns are more American than apple pie =D


Elena said...

I loved Steve-O. So sad he's dead and gone. And that toasted bun pix was hilarious!

Camilla said...

Love that pic around the fire-- sounds like an awesome night!