The Sergeant-major's Circle

During a training session at an artillery unit the sergeant-major was busy describing how the sophisticated aiming device of the artillery weapon system is used:

"As you all know, there are 180 degrees in a circle."

One of the soldiers put up his hand and said: "But there are 360 degrees in a circle, sergeant-major."

"You idiot," replied the sergeant-major, "I am obviously speaking about a small circle!"

Is this how you see some people? They obviously have no idea what they are talking about, yet they insist they are right. And they insult you to cover up their stupidity.

HMMMM....sounds like a choleric melancholy personality or a "D Personality".

But of course we Choleric Melancholy's know we're ALWAYS right and everybody else is STOOPID! What a tough lot in life we have


Miss M said...

YES I TAN!!. Okay, it's more like, freckle. The sun is GREAT, but the water is even better. I'm happy to make you jealous anytime. Plan on seeing me in July when I am in Sun Valley.

Camilla said...

Hah, Hah!