Beer for my horses

Have you heard that Toby Keith song? Listen to it because it's fantastic. Talks about old time values.

From our local news station...
But in the heat of the moment this concealed weapons permit holder made an erroneous claim.

"I pulled my weapon and I told the gentleman, I made a mistake here, I said, "Boise Police. Stop. You're under arrest." So, he did, I asked him to get on the ground, we did all the hands behind your back thing. I frisked him and then held him at gun point until the police department got here," Brookhouse said.

Police identified the man Brookhouse stopped as 46-year-old John Dickey.

But before police arrived another man driving by saw Brookhouse holding Dickey at gun point.

He too held a concealed weapons permit.

"Saw that taking place and thought there was a crime happening and so he intervened, pulling his handgun and trying to detain the first citizen who had pulled the handgun to try and detain the initial suspect," Winegar said.

I for one am glad there are people out there WILLING to stand up. Let's all quite laying down and taking it in the arm.

Stand up and fight for the innocent!

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Nay Family said...

Have I not told you about my rocky relationship with Toby Keith?
Everything was going fine. It was all happy and healthy (at least I thought).... and then.... during the Fiesta Bowl Pre-Game Broadcast (remember that bowl game - the one BSU went to - the one UofI didn't) he went on camera in an Oklahoma sweatshirt rooting for the Schooners. JERK!
I broke it off right then. I couldn't believe that after all these years he had betrayed me. Been two-timing me.
We haven't spoken since.
Beer for my horses is a good song though. hmmmph