Why bother?

A dear friend of mine posted about plucking eyebrows to impress a boy.

I realized there was a great blog post waiting to be plucked.

We fret and worry about impressing the other sex incessantly.

Perfume (why bother with the scientific stuff, go for the REAL DEAL...pheromones)


Sexy clothing

But after we get married because we've found the ULTIMATE one to impress it all goes out the window. I was chatting with my sister about politeness and how easy it is to stop being polite to our loved ones. I'm a firm believer in saying PLEASE and most especially THANK YOU.

We let ourselves get fat, we wear frumpy clothes, we don't shave, we forgo brushing our teeth and chewing gum, and we just quite trying.

Why don't you TRY today to impress your spouse and see if they don't try again to impress you. Remember when you spent hours deciding what to wear on a date? Remember when you checked yourself in the mirror multiple times before greeting your crush?

Life would be so much more exciting! We'd also get in shape because our hearts would always be pounding waiting to see what our spouse would wear or what they'd think of what we're wearing or smelling like or how our hair is fixed.


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