Squeezing the summer out of it

We are squeezing every bit of summer we can. We've had frost a couple times already.

Hence, BEACH! We've been playing outside almost constantly and there have been boats, jet skis, Big Mable rides, wakeboarding, Panamas, sand castles, ear infections, sunblock, dog training advertising, and tons more. memory card has somehow found the dark side and has become corrupted. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can pull some pictures off. But I just don't know.

Our Reggie the Rooster has started making little crowing sounds. I'm going to document that somehow. We're really enjoying the peace and crow-free silence while it lasts.

Will is the designated "chicken protector" and he chases Tiny Tim the Tom Cat away from his little flock of 6 hens and Reggie the Rooster while they chase grasshoppers and eat the bugs off the front of our Kia Sorento (I refuse to say I drive a car and I don't really want to toot my SUV horn 'cuz you know I voted for Obama and I'm supposed to be all green and evniornmentally friendly now but it's not a truck and I don't have a fancy car'ck like my Mom does)

That's what fills the last of our summer. SQUEEEEEEZZZZEEE! I'm seriously not ready for fall.

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