Could Mona Gable say things that are any dumber?

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She clearly has no respect for fifth graders or 16 year olds
a class of smart-mouthy fifth graders or opinionated 16-year-olds in AP U.S. History

Yeah because African American parents are the only ones who trust the President?
Some parents have demanded that their children be excused from hearing the president speak. I'm taking a wild guess, but I'm pretty sure that African-American parents won't be joining them.

No respect for people in Texas or Florida

An aside here: Notice how it is always Florida and Texas that cause such a political ruckus?

7) What is the high-school dropout rate in Texas and Florida?

Yep Mona it's a shame when people who don't think like you want to have their opinions heard. And when parents want to censor what is shoved into their kids heads from one of the most respected men on the planet.

Why not talk about both sides instead of throwing insults around?

Chalk one more up for homeschooling where kids can get correct information from both sides instead of one sided arguments. Where they can be guided to make correct choices instead of told "not to attend school" when someone speaks out for what they believe.

What do you think?

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Nichole said...

We as homeschoolers will be watching the President's speech and talking about what he says. Correcting things to reflect our moral values as we go.