More entitlement mentality

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Every working stiff in the bottom 80 percent should be outraged and politically motivated to force change. But if everyone is convinced of the convenient nostrum that our own attitude controls how much we are paid, then workers won't band together to demand a larger share of our national prosperity.

Seriously, people who have their act together and their lives in the correct order are more successful, happier, "luckier", and just all around doing the things God intended us to do in this life.

Not to say that people who are struggling don't have their lives in order, but I'll step out on a limb and say many trial are because of our attitudes and actions instead of luck of the draw.

It's true that "the rich get richer". Not just financially but all around (physically, spiritually, mentally). It's the parable of the talents that God gives everyone talents and abundantly blesses those who grow their talents. I am definitely pull yourselves up by your bootstraps mentality.

I'm opening a can of worms and hoping to create some real HEALTHY dialogue.

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