Today is a big day for Reed

We have a few things on the menu for our six year old today.

We killed our chickens this morning and we're having organic chicken noodle soup and homemade noodles in our soup Monday. Watch for video footage. Warning! It ain't pretty.

Ned and I (mostly Ned) has decided we need to have the "Adoption Talk" with Reed. After watching "Meet The Robinsons" he felt VERY strongly that it was time and that we do it formally.

Reed has been asking lots of questions about babies and family and fertilization so he is also getting the "Sex Talk"

We're going on a date with just Reed for lunch. He requested Chinese Food.

Stay Tuned...

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Nichole said...

We didn't get to the "sex part". I thought he's start asking questions but he didn't go there. His first question was "what's her name?" BirthMom. Aw! Breaks my heart that he is so sweet.