Today for school, Reed discovered he LOVES to write books. He is finishing his first book today.

The title is

The Dad Sheep Found

There is action!

There is love!

There is killing! (what do you expect from a hunter?)

There is two trucks!

And a robber (what do you expect from the cop's kid?)

I mentioned being an author is a great way to earn money and he immeditely jumped to the "E" quadrant (Kiyosaki). I've been slacking! He should be thinking on the right side of the quadrant. Note to self:::More business education for the boys

"I could work at the library!"

WHOAH! You could BE at the library signing the books you've written and inspiring others to write also. But you'll make your millions writing books and earning a residual income. Like Stephen King...yes!
I'd love to be S.K.'s mother. Because I'm sure she's set for life.

"Wednesday, April 11, 2001 - Matthew Hall

Stephen King's income from writing tops a reported $US84m ($173m). The title of world's richest author accents the undeniable popularity of King's fiction and places him at the forefront of popular culture."

I'll post an update soon. Wow~who'duh thunk? Me, the mother of an author!

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R Max said...

Starting 'em young! Maybe he'll be super famous with his murder thrillers and you can all buy ferraris and summer in the South of France...