Will is becoming a man....and a HIGH D personality

Reed asked if he could help roll cookie dough into balls. I asked him if he'd left the shredded magazine a mess in my room.

"I put it in the garbage" he replied.

I asked if he left his church clothes on the floor in his room.

"I hung them up!" he insisted.

Wow, I guess there's nothing you have to do then to earn your cookie making. Yes you may help make cookies.

Will is sitting at the table opening cans of peas for dinner. Dad asks him if his church clothes are hung up.

"" he claims. Dad sends him upstairs.

Will comes downstairs screaming at Reed. "Your underwear is on the floor! You have to go put it away! You left it on the floor! You get up there and clean it up!" He is extremely serious and he is giving Reed a stern dressing down. All the while pointing and yelling and telling him to get up there and take care of it. Reed is calmly claiming it's not his because his dirty underwear is still in his pajama pants which are across the room in the dirty clothes pile. Will is INSISTENT! He stomps back upstairs to take care of it.

Ned meanwhile is in the kitchen laughing his head off. He can't control himself he's so hysterical. I turn to look at him and we both say at the same time "Will has turned into his mother!" It was HILARIOUS!


KJ Ramsey said...

the funniest part of this whole picture is that your shirt says "I SURVIVED" HAHAHAHA

Camilla said...

So funny