This is what I've been working on. Aprons for my friend in Utah. I HATE rick rack although it looks so stinking cute, it's ALMOST worth it.


grandma carole said...

I LOVE the aprons! They are so cute especially on your cute boys!!
Gwen collects old aprons and wears one when she cooks so I'm always looking for them. I found a fantastic (modern) patten you'd love. They are made with the cool, wild material you see now. (quote from pattern: Large scale-florals and graphic designs, perfect for todays hottest fabrics) Way cute!! It's called "Lilly Apron" by Busy Bee Quilt Designs at:
the cost is $9.29 for a simple pattern so I'd be happy to copy and mail you one from my pattern, if you like it.
Gwen just announced baby #4 is coming the middle of June and this pattern would make a perfect maternity apron. (we were all shocked and so happy because she has had to use fertility drugs for the last 2 and was planning on starting the whole drug ordeal again the first of the year).

Gwen even wants to have me make a few she'd use to wear as a top over a t-shirt she'd wear to town and stuff.
Let me know if you want it. :)

on a personal note: Have you heard of Glucaphage (generic brand is) Metforin?
It's not a fertility drug but they found that lots of the women using it got pregnant while taking it so they started using it for one. My sisters boy had just finished pharmacy school and told us about it several years ago and I know personally 4 who it's worked for... Just wondering
Call me if you have questions 208-731-2871 or e-mail at or ( just tell me to mind my own business)
Love you!

Jes said...

Your boys are getting so big!! And there as cute as ever! I want to give them a big ole hug! Miss you guys! I hope you're taking care of my mom for me. :)