Perhaps the most critical function of traditional marriage is the impact the institution has on the creation and development of children. Simple biology proves that only marriage between a man and woman can result in the creation of a child.  It just can’t happen between two men or two women.  Further, experts around the globe agree that the ideal family structure for a child is a family headed by two biological parents in a low-conflict marriage.  

Like everything else in life, there are exceptions to any projected outcome and, of course, children adopted into traditional families can fare quite well! But social science research indicates that, on balance, children who grow up in a family configuration outside their biological parents are at greater risk for a host of negative challenges, including health problems, early mortality, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, criminal behavior, and incarceration.

Ron Prentice, Volunteer Chairman


Cardon Family said...

well that is kinda depressing story. Thanx for sharing :o(

Nichole said...

That's what happens when Satan destroys the nuclear family, sadness.