I was meant for greatness. I would need education and knowledge about relationships. I was meant to change the world.

I will forever be grateful for my grandmother and my grandfather for the example they showed me at the impressionable age of thirteen.  They changed my whole mind in about one hour.  They showed me I was meant for a grand purpose and that others would come along and try to devalue my call and make it seem insignificant, but that was all the more testimony that it was the calling for me.  I knew I was not meant to be ordinary or plain.  I was meant for greatness.  I would need education and knowledge about relationships.  I was meant to change the world. 

And so were you!

Nicholeen Peck is a popular public speaker around North America who most often addresses the subject of parenting. Her parenting methods clam tantrum toddlers to tough teens while creating a family structure which invites the spirit of love and good communication. She is the Author of Parenting A House United and a BBC television star.  For more free parenting advice Nicholeen's blog is
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