I'm going to send my kid but...

It's not just about religion. It's about social issues, politics, improper time management skills taught, government involvement, peer pressure, learning envioronment, free time, lack of proper curriculum for what I feel prepares a child for the real world. I could go ON and ON!

People keep saying, "look at me! I turned out alright and I went to public school" I don't want my kids (nor my family nor my friends famlies and on and on) to be just like everybody else. I want them to be leaders. Be successful. And be way above just alright and getting by. 95% of the population in the world just get by. I want my kids to be the 5% who are AMAZING!!!

I'm settling and I feel powerless to change it. By dang I'm going to work my hardest to get him through and out ASAP

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Cardon Family said...

Well I think it's the right thing for them. Sometimes learning with peers helps as much as just learning. Way to go on making a decision for them, you'll still have AMAZING kids!!!