God Gave Me A Little Taste

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Our pipes broke last night.  We had about 500 things that pulled us here and there.

Appointments.  People.  Things.

So this morning we had no water.  I had to sponge bath the boys (who were BOY dirty which is a whole nother realm of dirty) before taking them to school.  Couldn't flush the toilet.  Couldn't wipe the counters.  Couldn't rinse the dishes.  Couldn't wash my make up off.

God opened my eyes (just a tiny eensy weensy bit) as to homelessness.

It's not just dirty'ness.

SHOOT, I've been to girls camp for a week, I KNOW what dirty is.

It's not just extra work and a wacked out schedule.

Homelessness, joblessnes, POOR, underprivileged, all those words that have just been "other people"

People in the big city. Or third world countries. Or people without religion. Or angry people. Or crazy people. Or criminals.

I thought to myself "This is hard! My life sucks! I can't make it! I'll just give up. The world is horrible" and I saw over the edge of the slippery slope of despair and desperate.

I saw how people rationalize crime. And hate. And dependance. And laziness. And apathy.

If I wasn't blessed with my testimony of Jesus Christ as my savior. If I didn't push myself to grow and learn. If I had to struggle through life daily with abuse, and bitterness, and distrust, I'm pretty sure I would be a horrible, lawless, offensive person.

It's ALL mental.

It's a state of mind.

It's where you have to go mentally for survival.


Enduring to the end.


But if we are not taught what is right and good, mostly what is good, our mind will take us so far down the wrong path, that it's practically impossible to turn around.

This is why there are self help books.

This is why people go to counseling.

This is why there are organizations that give nice clothes to women who want to get a good job.

Because if you can get your mind (and your spirit) in the right place, you can help yourself. And help your family. And help other people.

I honestly didn't see that before. I honestly didn't know how hard it is for people to help themselves.

Pretty humbling.

Thank you God for that taste.

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becky ward said...

this is great! thanks for sharing.