I always thought I liked Craftsman Style

The simple, Craftsman Style, derived from the English Arts and Crafts movement, often associated with William Morris, includes a low-pitched gable roof, overhanging eaves sometimes with exposed rafter ends, wide porches, and wood frame or stone construction. Urban bungalows with porches and even apartment complexes were built in this style in San Francisco. Some one and a half story buildings are classified as "Craftsman Bungalows" and usually include rustic naturalistic exterior details like unpeeled redwood or interior ones like boxed beam ceilings, redwood or oak wainscoting and rusticated stone or brick arches.

Craftsman Bungalow
Bugalow refers to one or one and a half story. These modest size houses have a rustic, wood crafted look, that comes from the natural use of materials. Generally, they have roofs sloping toward the street, with dormer window, exposed beams along the eaves, brown shingled walls and wood, stone or brick pillars along the front porch. Often, the owners themselves where the designers.

But I could probably get attached to Prairie Style
Prairie Style
East Bay houses of the Prairie Style or Prairie School were inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright Designs. They were built with low-angled, flat rooflines with wide extending eaves. Stucco slabs or geometric designed stucco was used in the facade, often along with decorative window lattices and rectangular panels over window panes.

The designation Prairie is due to the dominant horizontality of the majority of Prairie style buildings which echos the wide, flat, tree-less expanses of the mid-Western United States. The most famous proponent of the style, Frank Lloyd Wright, promoted an idea of "organic architecture", the primary tenet of which was that a structure should look as if it naturally grew from the site. Wright also felt that a horizontal orientation was a distinctly American design motif, in that the younger country had much more open, undeveloped land than found in most older, urbanized European nations.


Miss M said...

Are you planning on building a home soon?

Nichole said...

I'm ALWAYS planning to build a house soon =-) One day my ship will come in.