Cute template but don't know what to put here.

We're moving

Blogger says no more pictures so watch for the blog address update soon.

What goes here?

I dunno. Suggestions welcome


In case you miss us

And you haven't updated address'....AHEM!  What are you waiting for?


Read about our last bash of 2010 and plans for 2011 at the new place

We'll try a little Wordpress to start off the new year.


Happy Holidays One and All!

Too bad Blogger won't let me post a family picture so you can see my family smiling at you for this holiday wish.


Still looking for a new address.

Enjoy the season!


I'm out

Seriously?  I have too may photos on my blog?  Isn't that what it's all about?  You won't let me post photos?  My readers would revolt.  Because nobody wants to read anymore.  Entertain us with photos the masses cry.

Blogger.  I quit.

You're going to start charging and limiting, I'm out.

I will be abandoning Blogspot so watch for address update soon.

Hunting for a...


Check out the adventure on the photo blog