Vote For Hillary Clinton!

I know you're crapping your chaps right now.  So after you change, read this...
If Govenor Romney does not make it on the ballot, I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.  There is NO NO NO NO NO way my vote will go to McCain.  We're coming into difficult financial times.  We're in the middle of  World War III.  And so many other things that I know McCain will screw up. say.  Don't you think Mrs Clinton will screw it up too?  Worse?  HECK YES!!  But, if McCain (a "republican" or so he claims as he runs for President of the US) gets elected he can't fix anything.  He WON'T fix anything.  He's going to flush our wonderful, prosperous, beautiful, free country down the toilet.  Who gets elected in 2012?  Not ANOTHER "republican", of course not!  Four MORE Democrat years.  Yes, you read correctly.  We'll have eight years of Democrats in the White House.  Four Democrat years of McCain then four Democrat years of ???  Mrs Clinton maybe.

Get Mrs Bill Clinton in the White House instead of McCain.  Same scenario, she gives our heads swirlies in the toilet, we wrap our face in duct tape for four years, we pull our eyeballs out everyday and then in 2012, a Responsible Conservative Honest True Leader takes over and fixes our mess.

Hence, VOTE HILLARY CLINTON!!!!  I'm totally joke...stop laughing.  I'm voting for Hillary over Juan McCain.

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Nay Family said...

Why Hillary? Hillary shmillary.... Why not Obama who has actually motivated young voters across this country to get involved. To sound like the liberal conservative that I am (I made that category up by myself...)any individual that can bring out such a turnout of 18-29 year old voters and who, in my opinion, has a "cleaner" (albeit shorter) political career (than Hillary) deserves more attention. Concerning the Democratic candidates, he is way more worthy....
Crystal's predictions....(keep in mind I'm leaving this comment AFTER Super Tuesday)
1. Romney will not be on the ballot. His campaign is slowly losing strength.
2. John McCain WILL win out over Huckabee.
3. It's too close to say with Hillary and Obama...but if the younger people DO CONTINUE to come out to the will DEFINITELY be Obama. Hillary stands for nothing good.

p.s. I LOVE that you post political comments. Most people are scared of engaging in any political kind of discussion.